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The Boys & Bubs "Series"

This series will have 13 original narratives that each have unique pop-up or movable components. All of the books are 9" x 9" with variable widths. Nine books from the series have been completed so far, with two currently in production.


Fractured Fathers is a collaborative artists book created by Benjamin D. Rinehart from Appleton, Wisconsin
and Rachel Simmons from Orlando, Florida. The process began with a conversation between close friends
about their complex relationships with their fathers, Jim and Terry. In the summer of 2020, during the first
pandemic lockdown, they interviewed one another over video conferencing and transcribed the conversations.
Their discoveries lead to the creation of two flextangles and a third collaborative book based on the transcripts. For the flextangles, they used photos of their fathers
augmented through digital manipulation and pressure printing. Everything was finalized during an in-person studio session in Appleton a year later. Through this process they found kinship between their common experiences & parallels between their family relationships and themselves.

Artist Books (2006–present)

The narratives typically involve photo shoots, visual collage, and design elements. Book forms satiate my interest in graphic design. I am currently working on several projects that utilize traditional and contemporary printing and book binding methods.

Artist Books (1999–2005)

Here is a small sampling of some of the larger projects that I worked on while living on the East Coast. My time at the Center for Book Arts helped to hone my craft, concept, and physical engagement with the medium.

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